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Aesthetic Care


When teeth are not aligned properly (malocclusion), they can be difficult to clean and cause problems with your bite. Our office is now offering orthodontic treatment, using clear aligners, to patients who are interested in making minor adjustments to improve the health and look of their smile! 

Please contact us to schedule an orthodontic evaluation, or mention your interest to Dr. Turner at your next appointment with us.

In instances where more comprehensive treatment is required, we have an excellent orthodontic specialist that we refer to who will partner with us to make sure you receive excellent care.  


Finding an effective and lasting whitening solution can be difficult, as there are many options to navigate. We invest in high quality whitening products, created by Opalescence, to offer our patients the best solutions available. There are three levels of whitening to consider:

1. Pre-loaded trays: available in 10% or 15% concentration, Opalescence Go kits contain 10 general-fit trays that are worn at home. Though not as effective as professional whitening, they are the most cost-effective option. We recommend taking before and after pictures of your smile to evaluate effectiveness of the treatment. 


2. Custom trays: created from a personalized model of your smile, custom trays are made in-office by our dental assistant to ensure whitening across the entire surface of each of your teeth. Refills of the whitening gel used in these trays can be purchased in our office at any time, for as long as you'd like to continue maintaining your ideal shade. 

3. Professional bleaching: scheduled with our whitening specialist, these 90 minute visits provide the most noticeable and lasting results. We use professional-grade product concentrations, take HD photos before and after treatment, and even send you home with a set of pre-loaded trays so that you can maintain your ideal shade. 


Veneers are thin shells that cover the exterior of a natural tooth to help resist stain, improve contact between adjacent teeth, and idealize your smile. Similar to crowns, they are employed when changes in tooth shape, size, and color are desired. 


They are bonded to the front of individual teeth, and though their purpose is considered primarily aesthetic, they can function to improve oral health as well, by simplifying home care. 

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