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Emergency Care

Dental emergencies happen, and can include traumatic injury​, extreme pain, sudden sensitivity, and damage to crowns or prosthetics. 

Should these situations arise, we are here to help! If you are able to call during office hours, our receptionist will gather the information that we need to be prepared to serve you, and find a time that we can work you into the schedule. If you need immediate help outside of our office hours, an extension is available through our main number that will allow you to reach Dr. Turner directly. 

During the initial phone call, we will be asking about the location of the affected area, the duration of symptoms, and any attempts that have been made to treat the pain or ailment. If the problem involves crowns or prosthetics, we ask that you bring these pieces with you to your appointment.  

Emergency appointments are 30 minute exams that include any necessary radiographs and diagnostic tests. Dr. Turner, after completing her workup, will either propose treatment to be scheduled for a future date, or refer out to one of our excellent partnering specialists

We cannot always guarantee same-day treatment, but we will always do our best to get you out of pain as soon as possible. If you are referred to a specialist, our staff will work with you and the specialist's office to ensure timely care. 

tooth chart by quadrant, teeth #1-32 labeled

This chart shows each tooth by number. Each quadrant is labeled from the patient's point of view -- "right" and "left" refer to the patient's right and left sides. 





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