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Preventive Care

Professional Hygiene

Health is one of our core values, and at the heart of our mission is the desire to arm our patients with the tools to live a healthy life. We believe that dental disease is nearly 100% preventable, which starts with regular hygiene visits with our skilled hygienists and then is maintained at home. We are dedicated to patient education and ensure that oral hygiene instruction is a central component of each hygiene visit. 

Our office works hard to stay informed about technological advancements in our industry, and we employ top of the line equipment to make sure each visit is thorough and comfortable. 

Necessary radiographs are taken regularly according to standard of care guidelines. These images allow Dr. Turner to check for cavities between the teeth, ensure healthy bone levels, and identify potential abnormalities that could cause pain or problems down the road. 

Fluoride treatment is the final step of each visit. This varnish provides a protective layer that helps prevent cavities and preserve enamel, and is used following whitening treatment to mitigate sensitivity. 

Home Care

Excellent home care is the product of good technique and the right tools. Maintaining high quality oral hygiene involves flossing correctly every day, using an electric toothbrush, and incorporating prescription fluoride toothpaste into your routine regularly. 

Similar to the varnish completed at each visit, prescription fluoride toothpaste helps prevent cavities, combats erosion by preserving enamel, and can help with sensitivity.


Electric toothbrushes remove plaque significantly better than manual ones, and can aid in reaching hard-to-clean areas of the mouth.

If you struggle with dry mouth, Elevate Oral Care has some great solutions that are Dr. Turner-approved!

Though some of these products can be purchased in our office, the most important thing is that they're used. We encourage all of our patients to add these tools to their current oral health routine, in the way that makes the most sense for them. 

fluorimax toothpaste.jpg

Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Chronic teeth grinding can be a product of a variety of things, including stress and sleep disorders, and can result in increased sensitivity, loss of tooth structure, and jaw pain. 


There are three levels of night guards that can help prevent and protect from grinding:

1. Lab-made occlusal guards. These are the highest level of protection against grinding and last the longest. They are made from high quality, durable materials in our partnering lab and are custom fitted using an intra-oral scan. 

2. Clear retainers. Made in-office by our dental assistant, a clear retainer is a custom-fitted grinding solution. Clear retainers are of a thinner material than occlusal guards, so they are more cost-effective but wear out much faster. 

3. Over the counter nightguards. For lighter grinders, or those with financial concerns, we often recommend SOVA Nightguards. These can be purchased over the counter, including in our office, and are one-size-fits-all. For step-by-step instructions on how to fit your SOVA guard, watch the video below!

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