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Turning Point Dental Hygienist

Join our team and thrive in an environment fueled by positivity, professionalism, and passion. We are looking for a Hygienist (RDH) to join our great team and help grow our practice.

An RDH at Turning Point Dental & Aesthetics (TPDA) is someone who values their role as a practitioner—recognizing that they hold a crucial place in the diagnosis and treatment of TPDA’s patients.  An RDH must be a thoughtful person who is able to put patients at ease, while developing an honest relationship with them.  They hold themselves to high standards and are ethically solid.  An RDH treats all with dignity and respect, despite individual differences. 

Dr. Turner depends on the hygienist to utilize their clinical training and expertise to provide excellent periodontal therapy to all patients. The dental hygienists are developing rapport with patients to allow for opportunities to establish the trust needed to guide them in their dental health. At TPDA, the RDH is a provider, and works together with Dr. Turner to give patients the very best oral health (and overall health)
that they can. They must be flexible, open to instruction, and willing to be a lifelong learner. An RDH will continue to strive to increase their skill set and is excited about learning and improving. They will hold a positive attitude and encourage others. They will also respect the dental assistants and see them as valuable team members who they cherish and treat well. They are a team player who constantly assumes positive intent among their teammates.

RDH is the patient’s primary source of oral health education and strives to arm each patient with the tools and knowledge to take care of their teeth and gums. 

If this sounds like you and is the perfect place where you can start out and grow, please
contact us today. We are looking for that special team member to join us and our lovely

Email me at

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