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Explore your financial opportunities

We know that taking care of yourself can get expensive - and quickly. However, we strive to make sure that quality dentistry doesn't have to bankrupt you; there are resources we offer to help ensure that the care you need is financially viable.

If you don't receive assistance from dental insurance, or your benefits do not cover your needs, our in-house membership plans are a great way to make certain that you're staying on track with your preventive care and saving money at the same time. Our three comprehensive plans work to meet the specific needs of all of our patients, and are priced accessibly. Included in each membership year are all preventive services, two fluoride treatments, and any necessary radiographs. Because we understand that things happen, one emergency visit is included in the membership and discounts are applied to proposed treatment. Membership years are flexible, beginning on the day you sign up and continuing for the following year, and you can even enroll the same day that you receive services.

If the in-house membership is not right for you, we also accept Care Credit as a service to our patients. Care Credit is a health services credit card that can be used with any participating provider that allows patients to set up and manage reasonable payment plans for larger treatment costs. It is easy to apply and our office manager can even sit down and complete the process with you.

For any treatment over a specific amount, patients are able to pay off their balance over 6 months with no interest. Need more than 6 months to pay your balance? Not a problem. Some payments qualify for arrangements over 24 months or greater with very low interest applied.

What we value most is that you are keeping yourself and your smile healthy, and that shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice your wallet.

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