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Straight teeth are healthy teeth!

Orthodontic treatment has obvious aesthetic benefits, but is also crucial to oral health. Straight teeth with a comfortable bite are easier to take care of and keep clean, can aid in the prevention of periodontal disease, and may prevent harmful grinding.

Turning Point Dental & Aesthetics offers orthodontic treatment with the help of SureSmile clear aligners for patients who are looking to optimize their healthy smile. Following your initial orthodontic exam, Dr. Turner will use an intra-oral scan and the experts at SureSmile to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient. During a virtual meeting with our treatment coordinator, you will have the opportunity to review the proposed results prior to committing to treatment.

Clear aligners, when worn regularly, can quickly and safely move your teeth into optimal position. As always, the health of our patients is our first priority; because the aligners are removable, patients have an easier time keeping up their oral hygiene at home compared to metal braces.

If you are interested in pursuing orthodontic treatment to make minor adjustments that could drastically improve your health, call our office to schedule an orthodontic exam with Dr. Turner.

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