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Patient Safety and Coronavirus Info

Vaccine Information

The vaccine is currently available to everyone 12 years and older! We are encouraging all patients to receive the vaccine as soon as they are able.

Appointments can be made with the Durham County Public Health Department by calling 919-560-4357.

Durham County Public Health Department

414 E. Main Street

Durham, NC 27701


Click here for more information about making an appointment and walk-in availability.


We worked throughout pandemic closures to be educated on how to protect ourselves and our patients.

The video below (published during the pandemic) will show you much of what to expect while in our care.  



BEFORE ARRIVAL: Patient information updates are completed on your device.

Please come earlier to check in upon arrival.

Here are the important takeaways:


1. Reservations are confirmed when they are made.  To check in for your appointment, use the secure link provided in your appointment reminder which comes within an email or text.


2.  IF you are concerned that your current health status may compromise your ability to be treated please complete the pre-screening found on our home page. These questions are designed to assess your personal risk and determine if you have any symptoms that may require us to postpone your treatment.

Masks for our patients and administrative team are optional. 

3. A few minutes prior to your reservation time. Come directly to our reception area to complete any additional check-in tasks.  This will allow us to seat you on time.

4. We have increased our levels of personal protective equipment, so we may be hard to recognize. Dr. Turner will always be in a scrub cap!

5. High volume suction will be used for all aerosol-generating procedures, and every patient will be given a pre-procedural rinse to neutralize any potential contaminants.

We have instituted additional sterilization measures to those we had pre-pandemic. These include high quality air purifiers in all treatment rooms and open areas, the use of a hypochlorous acid fogger to clean all treatment areas and neutralize produced aerosols, and UV sterilization of hard-to-clean equipment and re-usable PPE in an enclosed germicidal light box. Hypochlorous acid is a non-toxic disinfectant that is made naturally by the body's immune cells. It has been widely used in other industries to kill coronavirus and other similar pathogens. More information about the properties and benefits of hypochlorous acid can be found here.

We are dedicated to keeping you safe and providing you the exceptional care you expect from us. Please reach out with any additional questions!

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